Our services include:

Stanz Energy engages in the marketing, production and sales of Agro-production products which involves in the development, investment and execution of Agro-production opportunities, projects either independently or as a joint venture towards bring value to the Stanz and its partners.
The Company carries out agricultural contracting projects, imports and exports agricultural supplies, and establishes and manages agricultural projects. In addition, the Company invests in value adding opportunities managed by specialized companies and entities.
Stanz provides tailored made solutions for companies that are producing agro-products for the market locally or across the world. Stanz can handle the Planning, development, production and sales of agricultural based products as well as the logistic flows.

Why Choose Stanz Agro-Production?

  • Provides business optimization
  • Stanz supports your business processes
  • Acts as Joint Venture Partner to deliver value
  • Working together in one system
  • Integration with your companies solutions
  • Manage Product logistics, marketing and sales